TypeMyStuff is a typing training tool with many distinguishing features. It comes with a wide collection of lessons and is extensible through the built-in editor. It suits a wide range of users from early beginners and school students to professionals and programmers. The sophisticated analysis tool helps users to monitor and improve their typing performance for a quick learning success. It is also useful for persons who learned or are learning typing, to analyze and further improve their typing performance.

Custom lessons can be created with the built-in editor, such as enhanced lessons for beginner to focus on specific weaknesses, for school requirements, for occupational and professional documents, or lessons based on available source code for programmer. The training on customized lesson will make users more comfortable and confident at the classroom and workplace. All customized lessons are kept on the user's local computer and are never uploaded.

Typing performance is recorded continuously and can be analyzed with the built-in analysis tool, which shows the progress over time on typing speed and average error rate, and also error rates and efficiency for selectable individual characters. Users can then use this information to create custom lessons addressing specific training needs for a faster overall learning success.

The handling of typing errors can be adjusted following the learning progress, from very relaxed to strict (requiring correction within the next few keystrokes). User-selectable preferences allow adaptation to learning level, personal preference and training topic. This includes three different typing modes, five font sizes and four tab sizes selection, and simulation of auto-indent and auto-close bracket.

The music feature, besides relaxation, will help you to train typing speed and rhythm. You can import your favorite songs to complement the provided music collection.

Key features:

  • Typing practice for a wide range of persons, from beginners and students to professionals, programmers and occupational typists.
  • Built-in editor to create customized lessons by importing and editing, good for fast learning progress on specific topics.
  • Analysis tools show progress in speed and errors as average and for individual characters using heatmap and history diagrams.
  • User-selectable font and tab sizes, typing error handling modes, auto-indent and auto-close bracket simulation.

For feature details, please visit our features and tutorial web.

The current version is designed for the English QWERTY keyboard layout. (Please compare your keyboard with the screenshot shown above.)

Current Version: 1.1

TypeMyStuff for Mac OS X x64:
TypeMyStuff for other platforms:

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